Process Calculation : post exam

In Realisation on November 28, 2008 at 3:52 pm

Process Calculation isn’t a very difficult subject and neither is it a taxing subject. In fact it is a boon in disguise as it carries ‘4’ solid credits. A ‘S‘ would mean a lot to the GPA. Yet post examination, I found the spirit, the joy missing in me.

This article is not about Process Calculation. Not een about what I was feeling after the examination. Rather it is about what I have realised today.

It is that time of the year when all time management lessons, the proverbs and the hindi essays, I learnt during school days haunt me. I too felt I had not utilised my time properly and have landed in a state I experience after an underprepared examination.

I wanted to write this, put pen on paper and make a mark, so that I don’t dare try to attain this state again. I felt I had learnt enough of how to dawdle and it was time to learn to use time efficiently and effectively. I feel I can be a better person, not just someone sticks to his books and just academic books all the time and fails to what he expects to achieve at the climax. Every mistake adds up to your experience. It is awful to make the same mistake and experience the same experience, because there are many more unexperienced experiences out there.


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